Alternative Quantitative Investing

Driven by human-machine intelligence

Quantitative investing

Our investment strategies are based on proprietary data analytics and pattern recognition

Machine-based performance

Our strategies are fully executed and continuously monitored by machines

Risk management

Our portfolio is highly diversified and follows strict risk management rules


CapTec aims to generate superior returns in financial markets by developing independent strategies for alternative investment opportunities. We are committed to data-based decision making and believe in technology built by an interplay of human creativity and machine intelligence.

Investment Approach

Our quantitative investment strategies are based on market opportunities where statistical significance can be validated over time. We follow a rigorous approach of developing, refining and executing investment hypotheses on multiple assets and data sources. Therefore, each strategy is tailored to a specific set of recurring market patterns and will adjust to markets as they develop. Our portfolio combines various of those strategies in order to mitigate risks and to represent a truly alternative source of absolute return.

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