Alternative Quantitative Investing

Driven by human-machine intelligence


CapTec aims to generate superior returns in financial markets by developing proprietary strategies for alternative investment opportunities. We are committed to data-based decision making and believe in technology built by an interplay of human creativity and machine intelligence.

Data-based decision making

We consider financial markets to be one of the most complex and, at the same time, most data-rich and transparent systems on earth. Those conditions lead us to a sceptical attitude regarding active management based on opaque references to “superior knowledge” or “experience”. Instead, we approach markets in a purely quantitative way: Developing, validating and refining hypotheses using granular real-time data and proprietary analytics technology in order to identify robust patterns when and where they emerge. Pattern recognition in itself might be called “knowledge”, for us it is the result of a rigorous scientific process that is continually iterated over time.

End-to-end machine advantage

While leveraging data analytics to build a portfolio of strong and uncorrelated signaling patterns, we stick to the same principles when it comes to execution: Since many of the most robust patterns appear rarely within one asset, we exploit our findings by maximizing our tradeable asset universe and data frequency in order to leverage the law of large numbers. In order to achieve this, all of our positions are executed automatically by our proprietary trading engine. This allows us to factor in more than 1 million relevant data points per minute across ~10,000 assets, it secures fast and accurate execution, and it avoids all human limitations and biases.


We are a team of dedicated scientists, engineers, and seasoned investment professionals who believe in the power of technology as a means of creating value. Thereby, CapTec combines rigorous scientific thinking with deep insights into financial markets and investing. We started CapTec in 2015 with the aim of applying those concepts on behalf of our ourselves and our clients.



We are always looking for the brightest and most dedicated people across various backgrounds. If you have a scientific mindset and believe in the superiority of reason over authority, please have a look at our job postings and feel free to get in touch.

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